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Everything you need to know about LOVB Pro.

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LOVB Season at a Glance


What to expect over LOVB Pro's 14-week season


First Serve


The season kicks off with first serve the week of January 6.




Each week, all six teams will play, with matches rotating format between cities.


LOVB Classic


Our mid-season, winner-take-all competition featuring all 6 teams. Location: Kansas City.


LOVB Finals


The champion of the inaugural season will be crowned at the LOVB Finals. Location TBA.

Season Format

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Key Dates


November 11
Pre-Season Begins
November 27–December 1
Thanksgiving Break
Week of December 9
Preseason Matches
December 22–29
Holiday Break


Week of January 6
First Serve
President’s Day Weekend
LOVB Classic in-season tournament
LOVB Finals

Schedule Format

Kicking off with first serve the week of January 6, each week of the LOVB Pro season will include all six teams playing each week:

  • Matches will rotate format between LOVB Pro cities throughout the season week to week.
  • One weekday head-to-head match between two teams at one LOVB city.
  • One weekend three-match series between four teams at one LOVB city.

Example Week

Weekday match
LOVB Atlanta at LOVB Madison
Weekend series
Host City — Salt Lake
Day 1
LOVB Houston vs LOVB Salt Lake
Day 2

LOVB Houston vs LOVB Austin

LOVB Omaha vs LOVB Salt Lake

LOVB Classic

LOVB Pro’s in-season tournament, the LOVB Classic will feature all six LOVB pro teams, competing in a winner-take-all competition. To take place in conjunction with Triple Crown NIT, the premier youth volleyball tournament in the country.

February 14-17, 2025
Kansas City, MO
Municipal Arena
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is LOVB?

League One Volleyball (LOVB, pronounced “love”) is one holistic volleyball ecosystem, from club to pro.  We champion every stage of an athlete’s journey: from introducing and developing young players, to creating opportunities for athletes to play in college and pro. Later this year, we are launching a pro league that will feature some of the very best players in the world, including several of the American gold medalists  from the last Olympics.

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When was LOVB founded?

LOVB was founded in 2020 and since that time, it has built the largest community of junior clubs in the U.S., with over 1,200 junior club teams across 51 locations in twenty-two states. We’ve planned  our pro league’s inaugural season to launch after the 2024 Paris Olympics, where the US Women’s National team will be defending its gold medal.

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What is the mission of LOVB’s professional league?

To create better life outcomes for women through the sport of volleyball.

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How does LOVB Pro work to fulfill that mission?

By  putting our athletes at the center of every decision we make, and by creating real pathways for our country’s youth players to play professionally in the United States.

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When will LOVB kick off its pro season?

  • Preseason will begin November 11, 2024
  • After a Thanksgiving break, we will host pre-season matches the week of Dec.  9.  
  • Our inaugural season starts the week of January 6, running 14 weeks long.  
  • Our in-season  tournament, the LOVB Classic, will feature all 6 teams in a winner-take-all competition over President’s Day Weekend, run in conjunction with Triple Crown NIT.
  • The season will end with the  LOVB Pro Finals in April 2025.

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Who is playing in LOVB Pro?

LOVB Pro features some of the best volleyball players in the world. This includes Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA Champions and All-Americans, and  record-setting players including our founding athletes  Kelsey Robinson Cook, Justine Wong-Orantes, Haleigh Washington, Lauren Carlini, Jordan Thompson, Micha Hancock, Carli Lloyd, Logan Eggleston, Fabiana Claudino  and Jordyn Poulter.  Meet Our Athletes

7 .

What is the LOVB Athletes Council?

Many of LOVB’s founding athletes  have also been instrumental members of the LOVB Athletes Council since 2020, helping to ensure that the benefits and opportunities the league provides its athletes – both on-and-off the court – foster advancement and support LOVB pro  athletes  into their post-playing careers.

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Do you have coaches on board?

Internationally renowned coaches Massimo Barbolini, Suzie Fritz, Matt Fuerbringer  and Tama Miyashiro are our head coaches for our inaugural season. We will introduce our two final coaches, as well as our coaches’ team assignments  shortly. In addition, famed USA Volleyball and college coach Tom Hogan is LOVB’s  director of sport. Meet Our Coaches

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Where will LOVB’s pro teams play?

The inaugural season of LOVB  Pro will feature  teams in Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Madison (WI), Omaha, and Salt Lake. The venues in each city will be announced shortly.

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Do the pro teams have names?

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What is the LOVB Pro season schedule format?

Kicking off with first serve the week of January 6, 2024, each week of the 14-week LOVB Pro season will include all 6 six pro teams playing each week:

  • Matches will rotate format between LOVB Pro cities throughout the season, week to week.
  • One weekday head-to-head match between two teams at one LOVB city
  • One weekend three-match series between four teams in one LOVB city

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When will the LOVB Pro season schedule be released?

The schedule release date will come later in 2024.

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When does the LOVB pro inaugural season begin?

First serve is the week of January 6, 2025.

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When do tickets go on sale?

Ticket sales to LOVB Pro matches will be announced later this year. To get early access to ticket offers, sign up for LOVB Insider and select your favorite team.

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What is the LOVB Classic?

Our  in-season tournament, the LOVB Classic  will feature all six pro teams, competing in a winner-take-all competition. To debut February 14-17,  2025 in Kansas City, the LOVB Classic will  run alongside the premier youth tournament in the country, Triple Crown NIT.

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When does the pre-season begin?

LOVB Pro’s pre-season starts November 11, with a break at Thanksgiving November 27 - December 1, and pre-season matches the week of December 9.

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Which junior clubs are affiliated with the LOVB pro teams?

LOVB Atlanta with  A5 and GA Beach;  LOVB Austin with Roots and Silver Beach; LOVB Houston with Houston Skyline; LOVB Madison with Chi-City Volleyball,  FC Elite, Inferno, Madtown Juniors, One Wisconsin, Platform Elite and  VC United; LOVB Omaha and Premier Nebraska; LOVB Salt Lake with Club V Sports and Club 801.

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How were the team logos created?

Our team logos directly reflect who we are at LOVB - a connected community of clubs, players and their families, and our pro league - all interwoven together to champion athletes throughout their entire volleyball journey. That’s why our logos feature interconnected letters of the shorthand of  their respective cities. LOVB Atlanta (ATL), LOVB Austin (ATX), LOVB Houston (HTX), LOVB Madison (MAD), LOVB Omaha (OMA) and LOVB Salt Lake (SL).