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Volleyball For Kids — LOVB Minis Program

Watch as your child's skills and character flourish through play-based learning with an emphasis on learning to work together as one team.


How It Works

This program is designed for kindergarten through 5th grade children. Fostering a love for sports will benefit them for years to come. Our 8−12 week curriculum is carefully designed to introduce them to the exciting world of volleyball:


Season Enrollment

Program information is released via the school or aftercare provider. Families can join the fun and enroll seamlessly through the chosen registration platform.

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Series Of Classes

A trained LOVB coach comes to your school to conduct 50−60 min classes for over 8−12 weeks in age appropriate groups. We bring the equipment to you.

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Staying In Touch

Families are updated about any program updates or changes. Additionally, a brief survey is send at the end of the season to get your feedback!


What’s The Drill

Example Class 50-60 mins

  1. 5 MINS

    Warm-Up Game

    Balloon Volley — Play-based warm-up to get moving and active.

  2. 5 MINS

    Skills Intro

    Setting — In each class we introduced a fundamental volleyball skill through engaging demonstrations.

  3. 15-25 MINS

    Skills Practice

    Sit-N-Set Triangle Volley — Children practice their newfound skills and build their confidence in a supportive environment.

  4. 15-25 MINS

    Game-Like Play

    3 vs 3 — Reinforces the skills while building teamwork and sportsmanship, fostering social development alongside their physical abilities.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • ·Motor Skills
  • ·Physical Development Foundation
  • ·Love of Teamwork


SCHOOLS — Get committed staff, unique program to share with parents and peace of mind.

KIDS — Get introduced to a fast growing sports in a encouraging, fun environment (and t-shirts).

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Let's Connect

Contact us in order to get involved in the LOVB Minis.

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