Mikasa Named Official Game Ball for LOVB Pro Matches

LOVB StaffFriday, May 31, 2024


Furthering the league’s stronghold on the sport, LOVB and Mikasa will introduce all new customized and branded volleyballs for LOVB’s upcoming pro season.

League One Volleyball today announced that it has entered into a partnership with global leading volleyball manufacturer Mikasa to become the official ball supplier for its pro matches. The ball will feature the same top tier construction and superior handling players have come to trust at the World Championships, Volleyball Nations League, and other elite-level championships, and will be customized to include LOVB’s logo and branding. 

“We are thrilled to partner with League One Volleyball and their new pro league as the official volleyball.  This collaboration with Mikasa and LOVB reflects our commitment to growing the sport of women’s volleyball in the U.S. and advancing women’s sports as a whole,” said Shig Nakayama, CEO, Mikasa.  “We look forward to the excitement and the competition. Together we strive to elevate the game and inspire the athletes and fans alike.”

Mikasa, a manufacturer of athletic balls for over 100 years, also produces many different types of game day equipment including basketball, beach volleyballs, footballs, and rugby balls. 

“With competitors at the top of their game, it is important to our athletes that they practice and compete with the ball used in all major international competitions,” said Tom Hogan, Director of Sport at LOVB. “Partnering with Mikasa gives our athletes continuity at a world-class level and allows us to join forces with the world's leader in professional and international ball creation."

With more than 38 million current and former volleyball players in the US alone, and last year’s collegiate match between Nebraska and Omaha breaking the all-time attendance record for a women’s sporting event with 92,003 fans, LOVB Pro’s upcoming season is being met with palatable enthusiasm from volleyball fans around the country. As the LOVB Mikasa ball makes its debut, LOVB will also explore direct sales to its youth players and their families, to hold as souvenirs of this momentous time in the sport, as well as match day balls used to help this committed fanbase elevate their play.

“As a player, there is nothing more emblematic of matchday than a Mikasa volleyball, so today’s announcement is particularly poignant as we hit six months until LOVB’s inaugural pre-season,” said Courtney Thompson, head of LOVB pro integration and two-time Olympic Medalist in volleyball. “As we re-imagine what the future of volleyball can mean for professional players, coming together with innovative partners like Mikasa is crucial in shaping where the game is headed.  We want to be the best in the world, and to do that, you’ve got to play with the best.”

LOVB’s inaugural pre-season will kick off November 2024, followed by its main season which will start in January 2025. The season, which will feature LOVB Pro teams in Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Madison (WI), Omaha, and Salt Lake, will conclude with the LOVB Pro Finals in April 2025. Gameday matches will spotlight some of the best volleyball players in the world including, Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA Champions and All-Americans, and record-setting players like: Jordan Larson, Kelsey Robinson Cook, Justine Wong-Orantes, Haleigh Washington, Lauren Carlini, Jordan Thompson, Logan Eggleston, Micha Hancock, Carli Lloyd and Jordyn Poulter.


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