League One Volleyball Partners with Onrise to Provide Mental Health Care to its Pro Athletes

LOVB StaffWednesday, May 29, 2024


With the mental health of athletes at the forefront of everyone’s minds, League One Volleyball (LOVB) – the largest brand in youth volleyball with its professional volleyball league launching in the U.S. later this year – today announced it has entered into a partnership with Onrise, a leading athlete-specific mental health company, to provide comprehensive mental health care to its players and coaches throughout the year. Central to the partnership, LOVB Pro athletes and coaches will gain unlimited access to Onrise’s athlete-specific peer counseling, licensed therapy, psychiatric care, and to Onrise’s 24/7 crisis support services, at no cost to them. 

“Since our inception, LOVB has sought to reimagine the future of volleyball by creating an athlete-centered league that champions players at every stage of their journey - and their mental health is central to that mission,” said head of LOVB Pro Health and Wellness Katherine Henry. “We believe providing best-in-class level of benefits and athlete support defines how a modern league should operate, so we are proud to partner with Onrise to help deliver on that promise.”

With a vision to drive better life outcomes for women through the sport of volleyball, LOVB Pro is on a path to make volleyball the next major league sport in the United States. Through its approach to being an athlete-centric league, LOVB is providing athletes with the opportunity to make their careers in the United States, many of whom will be playing in front of the communities that supported them throughout their youth and college years.  

As LOVB Pro marches towards its pre-season directly following the Paris Olympics  in 2024, the league is being deliberate and disciplined in its build. Through the involvement of Pro athletes who are actively shaping the league, LOVB is introducing a number of ways to help players’ on and off the court advancement, including professional opportunities to support players in their post-playing career.

“Just as LOVB is reimagining the modern sports league, Onrise is redefining how mental health care is delivered to elite athletes,” said Kimberly Quigley, MD, FABPN, Chief Executive Officer at Onrise.  “Onrise provides comprehensive mental health care that is not only affordable, relatable and accessible, but addresses the unique challenges and pressures that athletes face.  We are thrilled to partner with LOVB to continue to focus on the athlete first.” 

LOVB Pro’s pre-season kicks off in November 2024, followed by its main season starting in January 2025. The season will conclude with the LOVB Pro Finals in April 2025. The inaugural season of LOVB Pro will feature six teams in volleyball obsessed markets including: Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Madison (WI), Omaha, and Salt Lake.

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