The KC Power Family Gets Bigger - Welcoming KC Challenge!

LOVB StaffMonday, May 6, 2024


Welcoming KC Challenge with LOVB as They Merge with KC Power

In a power house move, KC Challenge has merged into KC Power to form a dynamic powerhouse of a volleyball club in Kansas City. This partnership amplifies the collective impact of the two entities, propelling KC Power to a prominent position in Kansas City’s junior volleyball club scene. 

Founded in 2017 by Phillip Ozias, KC Challenge quickly became a force in the Kansas City volleyball community, quickly growing from five teams to 17 since then. KC Challenge’s 17 teams will now join KC Power’s 15 teams to make a total of 32 teams, the third largest club in Kansas City. Along with its teams, KC Challenge brings with it to KC Power its leadership, dedicated coaches, and values of integrity, transparency, and hard work - the foundation on which its culture is formed. 

KC Power has been a club with LOVB since January of 2022 and this merger is simply another exciting step towards greatness for the LOVB club community. 

As LOVB continues to champion the sport of volleyball in unprecedented ways by expanding its reach and impact, the merging of KC Challenge into KC Power is crucial for supporting the next generation of volleyball talent. 


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